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We rank and review events, activites, products & services from around the world. When you need to find perfection, our platforms are the premier destinations online.


The "10 Best" Network owns and operates dozens of online platforms through which millions of searchers find the top offerings from all over the globe. Whether you are looking for public relations companies, amazing software, or just the best hamburger in your area, our sites are there for your assistance.

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You're a music lover, theater enthusiast, or party-goer who's just moved to a new city. How will you find out what to do this weekend? The "10 Best" Network's various city guides can help you discover your metropolis through lists of top exciting events year-round!

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Wondering where to go to meet new people, experience new things, or feel a different energy than you're accustomed to? Our local lists can help you sift through the noise to uncover the very best activities in your neighborhood. Check out top food or learn about the best yoga class in your city.

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It's difficult to know which products work and which are all marketing. The "10 Best" Network's platforms helps education customers when shopping for top contenders in a product segment by generating lists which are easily found on search engines.

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Service-based companies are the most complicated purchasing decision a business can make. The intangible element of an investment in a service is tough to quantify, so The "10 Best" Network aids searchers by providing our opinions and selections in a simply to understand format.

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how it works

The "10 Best" Network's many platforms function in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the purpose is to help consumers find offerings which fit with what they are searching for, so companies looking to sign up go through significant analysis.

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Digital Registration

Though our online platforms accept registration in a number different ways based on the industry and content on that website, there is always an initial submission process which includes a digital submission form and accompanying submission fee. Indeed, ranking order is inevitably based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics, including the payment of variable monthly listing fees to be in our directory, but all registrants must initially go through a set registration process.

Snapshot of Company

Upon completion of your digital registration, each submitting entity is required to fill out information about themselves. Generally, this process will collect data such as services provided, previous awards and accolades, number of employees and more. An algorithmic program then identifies key indicators and passes details along to The "10 Best" Network's list generation team whose job it is to varify statistics and conduct deeper investigation.

Deeper Analysis

Utilizing the information provided in the registration process, our lead generation research team analyzes each entry. In most cases, this means verifying the data provided and ensuring that the registrant is in good standing throughout the web. From time to time, we identify firms or organizations which would not fit well onto our platforms or lists. We focus only on high performing entities, so those which do not meet our requirements for one reason or another are descreetly refunded for all fees and removed from our databases.

Acceptance & Listing

Once a company has passed through our analytic process, the firm is accepted and given a position on relevant lists and articles. These positions, though guided by our algorithmic program and variable listing fees, are the subjective judgments of our ranking team. On the first of each new month, new articles are released by our platforms, aiding users as they search for the top offerings around the web.

Our fun facts

The "10 Best" Network is a rapidly growing source of news and information around the internet. Learn about our reach and users.

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Active "10 Best" Platforms


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Registrant Retention

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Some of our Platforms

Our platforms don't just help businesses find quality partners, we create fun and exciting lists of things to explore in your neighborhood. Of course you can find some of the top CRMs, but you can also find entertaining news and information about local eateries and events!

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Where and when ?

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Our Locations

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San Francisco, CA
New York City, NY


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E: contact@10bestnetwork.com


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M-F: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sa: 11 AM - 4 PM
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