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Topic Selection

By analyzing social cues and verify source data, Impress3 helps content producers create with a greater chance of success.

Editing Assistance

Impress3's software reads articles and advises editors as they review. It verifies content for grammar, fact sourcing, legal liability purposes.

Content Distribution

When writing & editing is completed, Impress3 increases reach through autonomous distribution across websites & social platforms.

News, Sports, & Fun
in Silicon Valley & Beyond

Silicon Valley is an iconic region that has been at the forefront of America's tech and business progress for decades. Hoodline currently puts an emphasis on this region, with a majority of its web traffic sourced from the area. Impress3 acquired this nearly ten year old publication from the tech and social media unicorn Nextdoor.

Branding & Design
Industry Magazines

First produced in 2012, 10 Best Design & 10 Best SEO grew over the years to become the preeminent publications for the design and online marketing industries. Including podcasts, industry reports, and a plethora of articles, the sites now serves over 3.2 million users per year.

News & Local Guide
in San Francisco

After sitting dormant for over a year, the largest news and local guide for Millennials in San Francisco was acquired by Impress3 Media. With over 320k social media followers, this site is a tour de force in the Bay Area and Northern California.

Impress3 Work Breakdown
Impress3 Writers

What Is Automated

Crafting truly engaging content is an entirely human endevor, and at Impress3 Media, we wouldn't have it any other way! Our content automation software serves only to aid our staff as they produce stories, podcasts, video, and other mixed media for our users.

Forbes Tech Council

Member Forbes Tech Council

The Forbes Tech Council is an invitation-only organization for thought leaders in the technology sector. Impress3 management has been an active member, providing insights about the future of media & automation. See Zack's Forbes Contributions.

Impress3 Media Impress3 Software: Million Dollar One Person Business

Case Study for Lean Business

In The Million Dollar, One Person Business, author Elaine Pofeldt explores ultra-lean companies which have grown to millions in revenue without adding employees. Impress3's early years became a case study. Learn more here.

Impress3 Media acquires Hoodline California Neighborhood News

Acquired Hoodline from Nextdoor

Hoodline is a hyperlocal, neighborhood focused news publisher which has produced over 100,000 articles across at least 50 cities. Its reporting remains a staple in the SF Bay Area. Learn more here.

Impress3 on Entrepreneur Magazine 360

Name #49 Best Startup by Entrepreneur Magazine

Among the world's largest business publications, Entrepreneur named Impress3 the #49 best entrepreneurial venture of 2018 based on five metrics: impact, innovation, growth, leadership and business valuation. Learn more here.

Impress3 Media Acquires SFist - Among Largest SF News Publications

Acquired SFist from NY Public Radio

Impress3 Media acquired San Francisco-oriented news site SFist, which has since grown to become one of the largest news publications in the Bay Area, serving millions per month. Visit here.

Impress3 Launches Up To Boston News

Launched Up To Boston

Up To Boston grew to reach hundreds of thousands of users after just a few months of operation. This news site broke stories like the Boston Globe bomb threat before even the country's largest news sources. Visit Up To Boston

Forbes: Revolutionizing Publishing

Revolutionizing Publishing -

Touted as "a method of publishing that could help media properties to monetize their content more effectively," Impress3 was recognized for its ultra-lean fast growth. Learn more here.

Inc.: SF Companies to Know

SF Companies To Know -

In an article entitled, "10 San Francisco Companies You've Probably Never Heard of (but Need to Know)," Impress3 was acknowledged for its rapid pace of growth among S.F. businesses. Read about these 10 companies.

Inc. 5000

#20 Fastest Growing Software Firm

Each year, Inc. Magazine release its findings about the 5000 fastest growing companies. Impress3 Media was the driving force behind Impressions' ranking as the #20 ranked business in software for 2017. See All of Impressions' Rankings.

Passed 1 Million Users

Passed 1 Million Monthly Users

Across the network of Impress3 Media assets, userbase first exceeded 1 million on a monthly basis in early 2016. Today, traffic has increased, reaching tens of millions annually.

Impress3 on Bloomberg

Company Profile on Bloomberg

In its early days, Impress3 focused all efforts on growth and customer satisfaction. In short time, the company's name had spread within its niche, reaching even Bloomberg.

Reading Newspaper

10 Best SEO Founded

Now one of the most visited online industry magazines for the online marketing sector, 10 Best SEO launched in early 2013.

Reading Newspaper

10 Best Design Founded

10 Best Design is known among digital design and branding experts. Today, the site serves over 200,000 users every month.

Reading Newspaper

Impress3 Media Founded

From the ashes of a struggling web design venture, Impress3 Media was founded under its original name, Impressions Holdings.

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