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Touted as one of the highest traffic news and guide sites for San Francisco, SFist served nearly 1 million readers per month. Its social media accounts have over 300,000 followers, and its highly anticipated return is imminent.

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News & City Guide
on Hoodline

Impress3 acquired this news and city guide - which previously published in as many as 50 metros - from tech unicorn Nextdoor. From inception, Hoodline was always a bit different, implementing machine learning / language AI to produce some of its content. Today, the majority of the publication's readership is based in the Silicon Valley area, where its publishing team is managed by a combination of editors and content automation software.

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Aficionado Aficionado was created in 2011 as a source for reviews and ratings of the world's spirits. Including a comprehensive history of virtually every type of alcohol, the site now focuses on trends and rankings of the staff's favorite vodkas, rums, gins, whiskeys, and more.
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Cocktail Recipe Videos


In the era of social media publishing, Mixtails is a cocktail recipe page with videos which have had over 100,000 views. In total, the publication has had countless viewers, likes, and comments. Mixtails provides sponsored videos for companies in the spirits industry.


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10 Best Design

10 Best Design is a recognized name in the digital & traditional design sector. Via articles, reports, podcasts, and guides, this online industry magazine sends tens of thousands of unique visitors to sponsors from nearly 500,000 monthly pageviews.

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10 Best SEO

Managed by some of the world's top SEO experts, this online industry magazine is a source of news, trends, and tips for those interested to learn more about digital marketing. Including updates about search engine optimization, online reputiation management, and ad buying, this site is known for its reach of over 500,000 monthly pageviews.

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